Work Boots and Foot Related Injuries

Foot related injuries span much further than just your feet. From wearing the right work boots to getting adequate sleep, you can stay injury free on the job. The truth is that the most of us have all suffered from some sort of job related injury. From small injuries which pose more of an annoyance, to more severe injuries that lead to physiotherapy, time off work and even death, we all take certain risks when entering a job site. The choice is for geesheepskin to minimize these risks to keep us safe, and able to perform at our best.

Our feet are a very important part of maintaining our safety at work. Work related foot injuries typically fall into two separate groups. The first group includes injuries like puncture wounds, crushing, or sprains. This accounts for approximately 10% of all work related foot injuries. The second group encompasses trips, slips and falling and creates approximately 15% of all work related foot injuries. For the most part, these injuries can be avoided by always wearing a quality safety boot.

Improper Footwear

Wearing the wrong safety boot can lead to various foot problems. When your feet are tired and in pain, you are more likely to act unsafely because of overcompensation with other, less fatigued areas of the body. It is also worth the money to buy properly fitted, moisture wicking socks so that they hold the sweat away and stay snug on your feet to prevent blistering and bunions.

Keep Your Workspace Well Lit and Clean

Proper work boots will not safeguard you from not being able to see a safety hazard, so it goes without saying that proper lighting is an essential practice for safe working conditions. Take the time to keep your work space tidy. Not only will this save you time from misplacing your tools, it will protect you from tripping or puncturing your foot. Next you will learn a quick trick to make even the most muddy pair of work boots clean in your customer’s home.

Make Sure Your Shoes are Clean and Dry

A dirty shoe does more than look unprofessional. Dirt caked into the sole of a shoe leaves you vulnerable slips and falls as the tread becomes compromised. Contractors take off their safety boots all too often when entering a customer’s home, leaving themselves open to injury. A simple solution is to wear a neoprene boot cover over your safety boot, so you can continue to benefit from your work boots and their safety features. It is important to always maintain the grip and stability and protective features of your work boots on a job site to avoid both groups of work related foot injuries.

Get Your ZZZs

Boot covers, proper footwear and a tidy workspace will only help you stay injury free if you get an appropriate amount of sleep. Alertness, and in turn safety can be improved by getting adequate sleep, and staying off your feet as much as possible while you aren’t working. Elevation of your feet at the end of the work day, will minimize the inflammation in your feet and allow more fresh blood flow to circulate throughout your feet and legs so that your feet are rested for the next work day.

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