Transport Machinery Introduction and Classification

Transport machinery of continuous conveyor machinery, transport vehicles, loading and unloading machinery, conveyor system also includes an auxiliary device (storage bin gates, feeder, weighing device).

  1. Continuous conveyor machinery. It divides belt conveyors, slat conveyors, scraper conveyor, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, vibrating conveyors, pneumatic conveying equipment, hydraulic conveying devices. Its work is characterized along a given route continuously transported into pieces or granular materials. Loading and unloading without stopping. With feeding evenly, speed and stability, power reserve, low cost and productivity advantages. But each type of continuous conveyor is only suitable for transporting certain types of materials, when the line is long or complicated arrangement, the equipment is large, a higher investment costs.
  2. Transport vehicles. It points tractors, dump trucks, dump trucks and other. Work is characterized by flexible, suitable for carrying heavy individual items and container cargo.
  3. Handling machinery. It points forklift, unloading machine, throwing feeder, dump machines for warehouses, material loading and unloading operations.
  4. Assisting device delivery system. To regulate the flow of goods, coordination between various mechanical work to ensure a systematic and rational operation.

Optional transport machinery is mainly based on characteristics of the goods (shape, weight, brittleness, humidity, viscosity, etc.), productivity, transportation routes and site conditions, loading and unloading methods, process requirements during transport and equipment investment, transportation costs, etc. In order to adapt to the development of the construction process, and strive to improve the bearing member constructed forms, in order to improve handling efficiency; traction components with high strength and multi-motor drive in order to improve the technical and economic indicators; mounted cargo identification device, continuous metering device and a sorting device, the use of electronic computer program control, in order to automate.

As the world market for material handling equipment, overall demand continues to grow, Chinese enterprises in the international market competitiveness growing, material handling equipment exports will be faster and stable development. 2005 with exports amounting to $ 3.62 billion, “fifth” period annual growth rate of 42.6%. Exports in 2010 are expected to reach $ 6.5 billion, annual growth rate of 12.5%. Germany, USA, Japan and other advanced industrialized countries, the domestic market demand is saturated. And our national economy fast, steady growth, the market demand huge capacity material handling equipment in these countries has become a major export market area.