3 Proven Ways to Keep Your Car Paint Protected

Here are three highly proven ways to keep your car paint protected. Car paint protection Melbourne have also proven ways to keep your car protected for long years.


Cars that have been waxed regularly seem to have a distinct glow about them. The reason for this is because the wax used in polishing the paint does not only serve to add shine to the car but also to protect it from external damage such as scratches and dents.

People often ask how often they should wax their cars but there is no one answer to this question as it depends on how you use your car. Waxing can be done two or even three times a year.


After applying wax, it is important to buff the car paint so that the wax can do its job well. This process is called polishing and it involves rubbing a cloth on the car surface so as to remove any residue formed during the application of waxing.

Keeping your car clean at all times is also another way of protecting it from external damage. Dirt and dust that settle on the surface of your car can cause scratches especially when you are washing your car or when you are using a sponge.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have parked your vehicle in a place where there is little dust accumulation.

How to Keep Your Car Paint Protected

Keeping your car looking brand new is something that many people try to achieve. While there are some things out of our control, like the weather and other drivers, there are some things we can do to keep our cars looking as good as they did when we first bought them. Here are three tips for keeping your car’s paint protected.

Wax Your Car

Waxing your car is essential in protecting its paint from the elements. When you wax your car, it adds a layer of protection against rain, snow, sleet, sun and other environmental damage. Waxing your car is relatively easy and doesn’t need to be done that often. You can either take it to a professional or do it yourself with the right supplies. If you want to save money and learn how to wax your own car, you can find car wax kits online or at most auto stores.

Use Touch-Up Paint

Touch-up paint is an easy and affordable way to keep your car looking new. Whether you get a scratch in the parking lot or on the highway, touch-up paint can help keep minor scratches and dings looking their best.

With summer just around the corner, most of us are looking forward to going on long road trips with our family. However, not everyone is lucky enough to own a car and when you finally get one, keeping its paint protected should be a priority. After all, the paint job makes up 70% of your car’s value and if it’s damaged, a lot of money would need to be spent on repair

Paint protection is important for your vehicle’s look and resale value. Carefully maintained paint means that you can sell your car at a much higher price compared to one with damaged paint. If you want to maintain the appearance of your vehicle, then here are three proven ways to keep the paint protected.

Keeping your car looking brand new is important to you. You take pride in how it looks and how others perceive you based on the appearance of your vehicle. After spending thousands of dollars on a new car, it’s normal to want to keep it looking its best. You’ve probably already noticed that even the newest paint jobs can be damaged quickly by birds and bugs, but there are some other things that are affecting your care’s paint job negatively as well.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure you protect your car and keep it looking good for years to come.

Use a Car Cover

Using a cover for your car when it’s not being driven is an easy way to protect the paint from damage. Even if you have a garage, dust and dirt can still get on your car and damage the paint over time. When you use a cover, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that nothing will affect the appearance of your car while it’s just sitting idle.

Keep It Clean

You should always wash your car regularly to stop debris buildup on the surface of your car’s paint. In addition, waxing should be done every few months or so depending on what kind of climate in which you live.